ICAFS Speakers International Conference on Agricultural & Food Sciences

2019 The 3rd International Conference on Agricultural and Food Science (3rd ICAFS2019)

ICAFS2019, December 8-11, 2019  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



We invite you to submit your presentation at ICAFS2019! 
All oral presentations are to be delivered in English, and will be a duration of 20 minutes. We will select qualified oral presentations from submitted abstracts after review. More qualified speakers will be announced soon after confirmation. To deliver a presentation at ICAFS2019, please submit your abstract Online Here or fill in form by email at [email protected] / [email protected], indicationg "Oral Presentation preference".

Prof. Sıddık KESKİN
Faculty of Medicine, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Turkey
Research Area: Biometry, Biostatistics, Applied Statistics
Presentation Title: ANOM Approach for Statistical Evaluation of ‘Kalecik Karası’ Clones in terms of Organic Acids

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim
Coordinator, Agricultural Economics Program, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Fort Valley State University, USA
Research Interestes: Agricultural Marketing and Consumer Demand; Production Economics and Policy; Economic development; Agribusiness Management
Presentation Title: The Trends of Goat Meat Consumption and the Opportunity for Farmers in the United States
Dr. Nurhan KESKİN
Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Turkey
Research Area: Viticulture, Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture.
Presentation Title: Application of Cluster Analysis to ‘Kalecik Karası’ Clones for Phenolics Content in Two Consecutive Vintages
Prof. Dr. Tehmina Anjum
Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Research Interests: Plant pathology, Integrated pest management, Phytochemistry, Plant disease physiology, Mycology, Allelopathy.
Presentation Title: Bio-detoxification potential of seed extract of Trachyspermum ammi against aflatoxins B1 and B2 in stored maize Tehmina Anjum

Xiaodong You
Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai, Osaka, Japan
Research Interests: include soil-borne pathogens identification based on morphological and molecular characteristics, bio-control soil-borne pathogens and plant-parasitic nematodes by vermicompost and biological control agents.
Presentation Title: Suppressive effects of vermicompost produced from moso-bamboo and kudzu mixture on plant pathogens

Zeynab Amini
Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Research Interest: Bioprocess and biotechnology; Fermentation; Microbial biotechnology; Fungal protein and single cell protein; Biofuel
Presentation Title: Improving the nutritional value of low-quality tropical fodder using solid-state fermentation

Dr. Tan Chin Xuan
Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
Research Interests: Food science and technology; Nutraceutical and functional food; Chronic disease; Lipids chemistry
Presentation Title: An overview of papaya seed oil extraction techniques
Ivy Wang
Publisher, KeAi Publishing
Presentation Title: How to get your paper published in a peer reviewed journal
More speakers will be released soon.

Accepted Abstracts

Newlly accepted abstracts are listed as follows and will be updated regularly (Last updated: December 1, 2019).

Abdulhakeem Olarewaju Sulyman Isolation, purification and characterization of cellulase produced by Aspergillus niger cultured on Arachis hypogaea shells
Abdullah Adil Ansari A comparison of biodynamic preparation 500 tank biodung and vermitech composting systems in compost production and its influence on the agronomy of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Adeshina Fadeyibi Synthesis and characterization of cassava starch-zinc nanocomposite film for food packaging applications
Andras Guttman  Capillary electrophoresis analysis of IgG and IgA N-glycans in human and cow milk: detection of non-genetically coded contamination/adulteration
Angel Lovely Pama Isolation Characterization and Identification of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from Different Animal Manures and Its Potential Plant Growth Promotion in Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.)
Anum Ishaq Employing multiple physical, chemical and biological interventions to enhance meat safety and quality
Arafat Ahmed  Alkhasha Simulated tomato yield soil moisture and salinity using fresh and saline water: experimental and modeling study using the SALTMED model
Atef Aouadi Molecular evidence of tick-borne hemoprotozoan-parasites (Theileria ovis and Babesia ovis) and bacteria in ticks and blood from small ruminants in Northern Algeria.
Changbin Wei Effects of Different Drying Methods on Volatile Composition of Melaleuca alternifolia Essential Oils
Chaoqun Li Study on the evaluation and optimization of ecological spatial layout of the lower Yellow River beach area
Chengguo Zhao Advances in modern pharmacology research of Radix Rehmanniae 
Daoyang Wang Risk of Multiple Primary Tumors in Breast Cancer Survivors
Fabian N. Fon Comparing the effect of harvesting age on the nutritional composition and in vitro digestibility of sweet potato vines from four cultivar as potential supplements for goats
Farid Benkaci-Ali Simultaneous effect of gamma irradiation and microwaves on the volatile composition, polyphenols content, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of Piper cubeba seeds
Hafiz Ubaid ur  Rahman Detecting Halal Authenticity of Poultry Meat through Traditional and Advanced Methods
Haoqi Li Subcritical Water Extraction of Diosgenin from Dioscorea nipponica Makino and Its Antioxidant Activity
Hussen Abdulla Aldakil Rhizoctonia solani AG-3PT is the major pathogen associated with potato stem canker and black scurf in Jordan
Idris Zakariyya Kiri Effects of single super phosphate  (SSP) and Zinc levels on leaf Area (LA), leaf area ratio (LAR) and leaf area index (LAI) of cowpea varieties (Vigna unguiculata (L.)) in Bauchi, Nigeria
Jackson Johnstone Effects of rising temperatures on gonadal functions, heat shock protein expression, cellular apoptosis, and body fluid conditions in Atlantic sea urchin (Arbacia punctulata)
Jiang He A Survey of Canthaxanthin Content in Commercial Chicken Eggs Sampled from Hunan Province, China
Jie Luo Isolation and identification of a novel Ginger Tissue Pathogenic bacteria Citrobacter sp. SJ7
Jing Hu Simulation of excess nutrient solution volume of greenhouse cucumber under soilless culture
Joyce Ledile Marumo Influence of environmental factors on milk yield in dairy cattle
Kabiru Mustapha Mechanical properties of calcium carbonate/eggshell particle filled polypropylene Composites
Kadarkarai Murugan Nanoencapsulation of Punica granatum essential oil for the sustainable management of tobacco cut worm, Spodopteralitura (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) and pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (Bruchidae: Coleoptera)
Khizar Hayat Effect of microwave roasting on the bioactive compounds and antioxidant potential of citrus peels
Lijun Nan Effects of different methods on reducing acid of papaya juice and papaya wine
Lila Boulekbache-Makhlouf Effect of the brewing on the phenolic compounds, mineral composition and the antioxidant activity of a decocted green tea
Lina Da A Comparative Analysis of the Environmental Law of the Silk Road Economic Belt from the International Perspective
Linda Dahane Rouissat Molluscicidal activity of the aqueous extract of different aerial parts of the plant Limoniastrum feei against  freshwater molluscs "Bulinus sp. and Lymnaea sp. ".
Liyuan Liu Research on the Space Design of Wine Cellar Based on the Function of Cultural Experience
Lutfi Dewi Nirmala Sari Transcriptomic Approach to Understand Expression Profile of Ethylene Response Factor (Erf) During Ripening in Different Banana Genome
Madiha Habib Identification of resistance sources in Pakistan wheat genotypes using high throughput genomic screening
Marta Henriques Kiwi Snacks: The Influence of Hot Air Drying And Freeze-Drying on The Final Product Quality
Mingfu Gong Effect of bamboo waste replacing cottonseed husk on cultivation of Flammulina velutipes
Mingfu Gong Effect of bamboo waste replacing cottonseed husk on cultivation of Pleurotus geesteranus
Mingfu Gong Study on fermentation process of Dictyophora echinovolvata yogurt
Mingfu Gong Fermentation properties of yogurt with fermented broth of Paecilomyces cicadae
Mingfu Gong Screening of endophytic bacteria antagonistic against Ustilaginoidea virens in rice
Minghua Duan Transdermal Permeation Research of Ethanol Extracts from Lycopodium Clavatum
Mohamed Bassim Atta Physicochemical characteristics antioxidant activity of Egyptian Date seed (Phoenix dactylifera L) and its lipid
Mohammed. H. Mahklouf Biodiversity of Halophytic Flora in the Coasts of Tripoli Province
Mohd Danish Ahmad Eco-friendly Utilization of Bagasse as Biocomposite
Muhammad Fahad Implications of 1.5 and 2.0°C additional warming for Wheat yield using a gridded modeling approach
Muhammad Faheem Akhtar The role of active immunization against inhibin α-subunit on testicular development, testosterone concentration and relevant genes expressions in testis, hypothalamus and pituitary glands in Yangzhou goose anders
Nik Hafizah Binti Nik Ubaidillah Accelerated shelflife evaluation of roasted liberica coffee premix
Ram Lakhan Singh Antioxidants derived from Triphala ethanolic extract provide protection against oxidative stress, DNA damage and hepatotoxicity
Rasheed Amao BUSARI Comparative Analysis of Physico-chemical Properties of Castor Biodiesel and Conventional Diesel Fuel
Rida Zainab Therapeutic strategies of constipation: A Common GIT Problem
Saadiya Laabas Microbiological approaches for improving the nitrogen content in nodulated Cicer arietinum
SANI AHMAD JIBRIL Changes in enzymes activity and chloroplasts structure of lettuce affected by cadmium in calcium supplemented nutrient solution
Shouquan Wang Study on Optimization of Extraction Process and Resistance to Oxidation of Polypeptide from Sea Cucumber Waste Liquid
Shuilian Gao Effects of reducing chemical fertilizer on the quality components of Tieguanyin tea leaves
Syuzeliana Shaari The effect of ultrasonic and heat pre-treatments on enzyme hydrolysis of tapioca starch
Tessa Fauziah Differentially Expressed Genes in Respiration Regulation and Starch Degradation Pathway of Chitosan Coated Cavendish During Fruit Ripening
XiaoDong You Suppressive effects of vermicompost produced from moso-bamboo and kudzu mixture on plant diseases
Xiaojuan Li A Study on the Spore Morphology of Ceratopteris Brongn
Xinglei Zhu Saponins extracted from Asparagus officinalis L. by-products exerts hypoglycemic effect in streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetic rats
Xinling Zhao Salsola collina Ethyl Acetate Extract Alleviates Diabetic Gastroparesis Possibly through Oxidative Stress Inhibition
Yan Wang Survey and Evaluation of Chinese Cherry Germplasms in Luding County, Sichuan Province
Yang Zheng Effects of Eugenol (EG)/β-cyclodextr (β-CD) Inclusion compound on the extension of the shelf-life of Kimchi
Yashan Li Optimization of Ultrasonic Extraction of Anthocyanin in Mulberry Residue by Response Surface Methodology
Yashan Li Climate Regionalization of Various Wine Grape Varieties in Hexi Corridor, China
Yashan Li The Effect of Climate Change on the Climatic regionalization of wine grapes in Northeast of China
Yashan Li Process Optimization for Enzymatic Assisted Extraction of Anthocyanins from the mulberry wine residue
Yashan Li Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Extracting Resveratrol from Mulberry Wine Residue by Response Surface Methodology
Yasuko Washitani Effects of forest floor environmental factors on the spatial distribution patterns of Polymesoda spp. in the mangrove forest of Iriomote Island, Japan
Yohannes Misskire Wodajeneh Potassium fractions and availability for chickpea (Cicer arietinum) in Vertisols of north-west Ethiopia
Yuwei Chen Green Tea Catechin: Does it lower blood cholesterol?
Ze Zhang Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietetic Therapy
Zeynab Amini Improving the nutritional value of low-quality tropical fodder using solid-state fermentation
Zhang Peng Water-Energy-Food Nexus assessment for sustainable development based on water-energy-ecology footprints
Zulqurnain Khan CRISPR/Cas-based virus resistance in cotton

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