Co-organize ICAFS2020 International Conference on Agricultural & Food Science

2020 International Conference on Agricultural and Food Science (4th ICAFS 2020)

4th ICAFS 2020, October 28-30, 2020 Istanbul, Turkey


Call for Proposals to Co-organize ICAFS2020/2021 is now open

Dear Colleagues,
ICAFS is pleased to announce this Call for Proposals to Co-organizing the ICAFS2020/ICAFS2021 conference for universities/institutes or individuals.
If you are not personally in charge on this area but know of someone else who are in charge or could interested in this, please feel free to forward this information.
I. An overview of ICAFS
a. Previous ICAFS
Previously ICAFS were successfully held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018 and Lahore Pakistan in 2017. For more details, please visit conference archive. This year the ICAFS2020 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. With the aim of continuing these successful conferences, ICAFS is now soliciting applications for the co-organization of our upcoming conference ICAFS2020.
b. Aims and Scope
ICAFS is designed to promote interactive discussions at both the talks and poster sessions, and will feature a mix of invited speakers drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The conference is therefore purposely broad to cover all aspects of agricultural and food science.
It has been designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of agricultural and food science. A focus will be given on: 1. Agronomy, Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology; 2. Animal Biotechnology, Veterinary and Livestock Science; 3. Aquiculture, Fishery and Marine Biotechnology; 4. Forestry Science and Wood Research; 5. Food Science; 6. Agriculture Sustainable, Resources & Environment; 7. Related Engineering, Economic & Management, etc. The aim of the conference is to provide worldwide specialists, scholars, and researchers that are engaged in related filed a chance to exchange the latest research results and advances, study the latest technology and establish international friendship.
II. The details of the proposal requirements
Having co-organised the ICAFS conference with Turkey Bahri Dağdaş International Agricultural Research Institute, Celal Bayar University, Igdir University in collaboration with Jessore University of Science and Technology,Bangladesh, Malaysian Journal of Halal Research Journal, South-Central University for Nationalities in ICAFS2018, ICAFS now looks to continue expanding its network of affiliations by seeking proposals from other universities or institutions, or by working with a group that has a similar interest in organising a new agriculture and food meeting.
a. Preliminary proposals should provide:
·Names and short CVs of local organising committee members and their proposed roles
·Planned meeting dates and location
·Focus of scientific program (required if a focus on a specialist research topic is planned)
·Plans for publishing or online dissemination of the proceedings
b. For co-organizer:
·Help to announce the conference information on university / institution website and to circulate the information in social platform / by mail list;
·Help to provide visa-support invitations to participants;
·Provide academic support such as create scientific program and/or recommend potential speakers;
·Circulate the conference information, advertise and promote the conference in scientific platform.
·No financial support will be needed.
c. Criteria for evaluation
·Proposals that emphasize and encourage attendance from a diverse range of regional groups and attendees will have an advantage.
·The meeting should be in a place where there is expected to be a sizeable local community from which attendance can be expected, as well as reasonable international access to a nearby airport.
·Budget is within the range which can be covered by reasonably estimated registration fees alone, in the event that sponsor funding does not materialize
·Preference will be given to organising committees with diverse representation
·Proposers should have experience with organising meetings
·Proposals should be submitted via email to [email protected] / [email protected].
Thank you,
Guangfu Yan
Conference Coordinator
on behalf of ICAFS Organizing Committee
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]